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The Butterfly and the Violin (Hidden Masterpiece, #1) - Kristy Cambron

This is my third time writing this review, but I think I’ve got it. My struggle is this: I love the historical fiction and the story of the Auschwitz girl; I’m not such a fan of the modern portion of story with overly convenient circumstances and borderline insta-love. Overall, I would recommend this novel based on the beauty of the entire picture and the personal lessons learned.



The story of the girl of Auschwitz tells of the artists and musicians of the time. Though my interest waned in the other story with modern setting, it served well to expand the context of that girl. Heartbreaking as it was, the story taught me something new and painted the already indelible picture with greater vividness and clarity. We have all been touched by stories of this tragic time period, but music and art add something more personal and endearing.



Other reviewers have made note, to which I agree, that this book moves beyond the Christian literature boundaries. Yes, faith in God is discussed, as well as scriptures quoted, but those discounting these things are themselves a disservice. This is a story that resonates with the soul, making us all better for having read it.



I’d be remiss not to mention the beautiful cover. I get lost staring into it.



My sincere congratulations extend to Kristy Cambron for researching and penning this work. My life has been touched, and for that I’m appreciative. Thank you, too, to Thomas Nelson for providing an electronic copy of this book through NetGalley for my review.