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The Sandman Vol. 1: Preludes and Nocturnes

The Sandman, Vol. 1: Preludes and Nocturnes - Neil Gaiman, Malcolm Jones III, Karen  Berger, Sam Kieth, Todd Klein, Mike Dringenberg Sometimes words alone cannot contain Neil Gaiman’s creativity. This collection that begins the series of THE SANDMAN is a brilliant start to something magical. The idea alone is a standout, unique concept: to capture death, but end up capturing the dream maker instead. Wow. The story ramps up from there.

Gaiman is a master world builder. His other written works include children being raised in graveyards to ancient gods driving taxi cabs, in all, Gaiman has created imagery that has stuck in my mind for the longest time—more than most authors that I have read. In this, adding pictures to his stories serves to seal the deal.

Gaiman is not alone in this effort, and the other contributors should be given their due credit. The artwork is interesting and caries the story well. The lettering is unique to each character, making it nice to tell who is doing the talking. The editors arranged this well, where the panels flow nicely with minimal confusion. Everything together makes the story stand out, making it a pleasure to work through.

There’s a reason the forward in THE WATCHMEN gives a nod to Mr. Gaiman—he’s earned it. His contribution to adult fiction, children’s fiction, graphic novels, and even television has paved the wave for many creative minds following his lead.