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Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Happier Life - Arianna Huffington

My co-worker gave me one of the most profound statements, “you shouldn’t have to pay for serenity.” And though many may baulk at Huffington’s wealth, to her credit, she lays out a plan to embrace “the third metric” free of charge. Not only does she dispense hearty advice, but she also points to a plethora of other resources (including free apps) that can continue your path toward free serenity.



Forgetting the buzz words, THRIVE boils down to two main things: sleep and meditation. Don’t shirk a full night’s sleep, and remember to pause. Again, to Huffington’s credit, these two things will make HUGE differences in your life. Through her careful distribution of facts and personal story (including vulnerable moments like her own blood-pooling fall and her daughter’s addiction), Huffington presents a case that is near impossible to refute. Sleep and meditation WILL improve your life.



And, yes, while it is not spelled out, there is no discredit to Huffington’s first two metrics. She uses the illustration of a three-legged stool, this book being the third leg. The other two legs are wealth and power. For those that have it, good for you. Thankfully this book sticks to topic and doesn’t obfuscate the task at hand: sleep and mediate more. Money is good, but these others things you can have immediately.



Huffington also speaks about having a sense of wonder and giving, but she goes back to how these things are improved with the first two: sleep and meditation. They are vitally important to your own thriving life; you can’t help others (such as her example with the airplane oxygen masks) before you help yourself.



As mentioned before, the resources included in this book are aplenty. She has a chock-full bibliography and three appendixes listing free apps, but there are many more resources included within the text itself. You’ll find quotes, books, online resources, and apps that will further your study into a better life.



Yes, it was convenient that Huffington made a ton of money before her “ah ha!” moment, but don’t let that bother you. We all come to these moments at different stages of our lives and there is plenty here that we can benefit from. Don’t let your head hit the figurative (or literal) desk before you find out—find out now.



Thanks to Harmony and Crown for sending me this book to review. I’ve had almost a week to implement some of the things I’ve learned and I feel great.