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The Butcher - Jennifer Hillier

Sorry for the crude analogy, but this book climaxed before the foreplay. What book reveals the killer in chapter 2? Seriously! I was happily reading along, then BAM, here’s a video of the killer doing disturbing things to his victims. The remaining contents of the book teased along the characters in all-too-convenient plot points that lead to a predictable and ordinary conclusion. Shouldn’t we have been guided along by clues before the big reveal?






Speaking of conveniences—wowzers. Where do we begin? How about with the sudden appearance of a bear? Right when the serial killer is set to make his final cut…growwwwl….roarrrrr…a bear shows up. Might as well include alien rescue. Dues ex machina much? And then, years after this victim escapes the killer’s cleaver, she later happens to find smeone within the killer’s close network, who happens to be involved in a book about the killer. However, for god-knows-why, the victim doesn’t want to reveal the killer’s name. Guess what happens to her? (I won’t spoil it, but you can probably guess.)





Shall I go on? How about the killer’s relative that discovers those ghastly videos, which include dismemberment and rape. That relative is in shock and tears. But then…”oops” that relative accidently kills someone and needs the killer’s help covering up the body. Keep in mind, the killer is 80, living in a retirement community, and (as the book’s description implies) is still killing folks. Killer Grandpa.





The book wasn’t terrible. It was interesting and a quick read, but it was tied together too conveniently with no guesswork needed. Maybe that was the point. Or not.



Thanks to Gallery books for providing me with an electronic copy of this book for review.