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Love. Period.: Loving Those Who are Not Like You - Rudy Rasmus

Before seeing this book, I hadn’t heard much about Pastor Rudy Rasmus or his work at St. Johns Downtown in Houston, Texas (or globally for that matter). As I read LOVE. PERIOD., his heart is laid bare. It was great to see him show his sensitive and battles for all to see. You would think someone that has toured with Beyonce would hide much of this, but Rudy isn’t hiding anything.


What I received from the first few chapters is what I expected: biblical proclamations to love one another. After all, that is the greatest of commandments. However, as I dug on, as Rudy shared more, I became more attached to the message. Of the details of Rudy’s life were no doubt painful, but he shows the truth in the power of love. He tells the very personal stories of his father, mother, wife, and children. We are invited into the intimate details of his life to see how love prevails.

I had a great time with Rudy’s acronyms. Such as L.O.V.E. meaning: Liberation, Others, Vulnerability, Engage. My favorite, though, is Love is P.I.M.P. proof: People Indulging in Materialistic Pursuits. As Rudy writes, “The only way truly to avoid becoming a P.I.M.P. is to pursue a relationship with the One who created you.” I’ll be using that in my repertoire, for sure.



There are many other aspects I appreciated. Rudy uses scripture and quotes throughout. The quotes are referenced at the back of the book. I liked how he said, “love is more than random acts of kindness.” I appreciated these lessons of love: be kind to yourself; acknowledge your emotions; affirm what God says about you; apply your energy daily. He hits it right with common lies: God is angry with me; God is punishing me; the devil is busy.



He also mentions a similar topic that Joyce Meyer’s touched upon in THE APPROVAL FIX, which was great to re-affirm. But what particularly touched me was his treatment with anger and its roots. Its causes being: uncommunicated standards, unappreciated performance, and unexpected behavior. He talks on how to help, versus getting angry at justifiable causes and the response to evil: focus on the victim; allow yourself time to reflect; and put the matter in God’s hands.



This book isn’t just about love, but it does trumpet it as the highest value. Rudy shares that as with anything, such as patience, and especially love, they are learned. We need to learn, share, and grow in love together. That’s the message I believe in. That’s the reason I’m giving this five stars.




Thanks to the folks at Grass is Greener for reaching out and telling me about this book. Thanks to Worthy Publishing for providing an electronic review copy of this book.