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A Better World - Marcus Sakey

I want to thank Marcus Sakey for breaking me in: I didn’t read the first book BRILLIANCE, so the quick recaps were helpful. They were done well, too. Sakey moved the story ahead, while covering the basics of what happened. I still don’t fully understand how it all got to this point. So, some people can either see patterns in the stock exchange or happen to remember the clothes they wore on a particular day, but now everyone wants to kill or imprison each other? After reading this, I'm going to have to go back and read BRILLIANCE.

Anyhow, bad stuff went down from the previous novel. The President was involved; rogue groups emerged. Setting aside the apparent lack of previous pragmatic progression, this new novel has all the makings of a solid summer thriller. Sakey weaves the story well. The cast of characters balance, as does the quick build to the exciting climax. It’ll be hard for anyone to put this book down. I especially enjoyed the interspersing of multi-media-like segments between chapters: dating sites, posters, interviews. It was all a snazzy way to build the world and make it seem more life-like. It made the world feel real and authentic.

Here’s what I really dig: the real-life implications. Looking at my reading history, you can see I don’t read a lot of thrillers. For instance, I have yet to reach a Jack Reacher novel. Not that I don’t want to read them; they just don’t populate my reading. For those interested, A BETTER WORLD makes a great thriller. For me, I liked the social review: how as a society we can stigmatize a certain population. This book makes specific mentions and comparisons of our history. A look around in today's world and you can see the saying is true about what happens when we don’t learn from history. BETTER WORLD points this out in a dire way.

Marcus Sakey spins this well. Read it for the thriller; ponder it for the implications. And sign me up for the next one, because this leaves everyone with a dazzling punch.

Thanks to Thomas and Mercer for providing an electronic copy of this book to me for review.