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Beautiful on the Mountain: An Inspiring True Story - Jeannie Light, David Aikman

This book surprised me. I enjoy eclectic reading, and wasn’t expecting much here, maybe a nice story. What I didn’t expect was to see the transformation of the author’s character. Jeannie Light appears to come from a world of affluence and high education: the total opposite of the Blue Ridge Mountains.



Some readers may see Ms. Light as a bit “stuck up” at first. Things like: not willing to buy at a local farmers’ market; having custom furniture and instruments brought in; and such. This reminds me of the highly enjoyable POISONWOOD BIBLE, where a missionary family goes to Africa with pre-conceived expectations and manners of living, only to be taught the lesson by the environment and the natives. Granted, natives aren’t as restless in the mountains as they were in Africa, but the transformation is still evident (plus, this is a true account, versus POISONWOOD’s fiction).



The book’s description makes a nod to lovers of CHRISTY. I can’t speak to the comparison, but Sherri on Goodreads seems to have a legitimate case of this book not living up to those expectations. I can say, this book takes a leisurely pace through the author’s encounters. Dulcet would be a good adjective to describe it. The author’s MBA in literature pays off here and what surprised me the most. It is very well written.



So yes, the book is a wonderful story with a loveable cast. The changes brought about, both in the locals and in the author, were a pleasure to behold. I can’t say this book had enough stand out moments to be long memorable, but it was a nice read for what it was.



Thanks to Tyndale for providing an electronic review copy of this book.