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Gone Girl

Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn I was standing in line at the library, trying to counterweight the heavy book bag in one arm and the precariously stacked books in the other. Then I saw it. Gone Girl: predominantly displayed on the fourteen-day loan shelf. After a year of everyone talking about it, over 13,000 reviews on Amazon, and a movie deal, I had to check it out. The landslide of books slid across the circulation desk, with Gone Girl skiing on top.

The best description I can offer of this book is a retelling of the movie American Beauty, but darker--much darker. Herein is a story of a marriage gone wrong, told in dastardly alternating viewpoints. The author builds a downward spiral momentum through a perfect channeling of perspectives, both male and female. We are graced with charm and wit, and we are shocked with deception and connivery.

I imagine women readers may feel uncomfortable or let down before the end of the first act. Reasonable so—this is a deliberate maneuver by the author and showcases the intelligent design thereof. The book in its entirety is something everyone can rally behind.

The narrative is smart and sexy. And I don’t mean erotica. I mean word pornography. Big words, small words, words used in various ways. The author did a great job of making nearly every sentence mean something relevant.

I can’t go into much detail about the book without spoiling most of its fun. What I can say though, is if you enjoyed the movie American Beauty and if you enjoy a well-constructed plot, then check out this book.