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I didn't always read, but that changed in June of 2013. I dropped the unnecessary stuff and picked up the awesome stuff--like reading! I started posting my reviews on Amazon and within a few months rose to the top 0.1% of reviewers. My reviews then went to Goodreads, and now my blog (http://ryandejonghe.wordpress.com) and Twitter (@Ryan_Reads). If you are reading this, why not leave a comment or send me a note? I love talking to other folks about books and my reviews. Publishers and authors, feel free to drop me a note if you want me to review your book. I usually stick to mainstream publishing, but I'll consider anything. If I review your book, I’ll give you a fair and thorough review and let you know when the review goes live. You can reach me at dejonghes@gmail.com. Happy Reading!

On Writing

On Writing - Stephen King Let’s make this clear: Stephen King is one of the greatest living novelists. Anyone overlooking him should lower their nose and relax their ass. It’s not just about gore, ghosts, and sex—it’s about life—and King has mastered the storytelling thereof. His narration is rich and his dialogue real.

As for ‘On Writing’, King delivers a quick-paced autobiography, followed by admonition to his fellow writers, beginners and seasoned alike. Anyone interested in either King or the craft of writing should have this on their shelf, especially for the latter. There are plenty of writing books in the sea, several of which are pretentious stinkers, but this one is a delicious catch.