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Wonder - R.J. Palacio Wonder’s near perfection shines through in many ways: character development, cultural references, pacing, and story—oh the story!

Every fifth grader should read this book. Schools should issue it; parents should read along. If one book has captured the feelings of going into a new school or a new grade, Wonder has done it. This is a heartwarming coming of age story that should not be missed.

I spotted some tiny imperfections, such as ‘putting down a Playstation’ or a snowstorm that was showed up on different dates. However, those minor blemishes dwarfed in comparison to the beauty of the whole. If anything, R.J. Palacio nailed cultural references, varying points of view, and true-to-life narrative perspectives.

To me, the book’s goal involved the beauty of us—all of us. It achieved that goal.
I give this book an easy five stars and recommend it to everyone, of all ages.